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Movie Magic - online video
Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2014

Movie Magic - online video

This week has been about the movies – or more appropriately, it’s been about digital video and its place within corporate communications and public relations.

It started with a chance catch up with someone we’ve worked with before, a Sheffield film maker and photographer, Shaun Bloodworth, who created the following film about one of the last companies which still hand-craft scissors instead of having them block-punched out of plate steel in China and shipped in.

And Shaun’s treatment of this subject makes his film speak volumes about the skill and expertise of Sheffield’s craftsmen – without a single piece of dialogue. As online films go – this one’s pretty successful and has been seen by many.

Which is why I thought about this blog. We’ve been advising clients for many years now on the benefits and business potential of well made corporate video, and we’ve successfully produced and delivered films across any number of business sectors through our contacts in this industry.

And although the market for such material ‘flat-lined’ during the recessionary years, it is surging forth once more and for those savvy enough to use it – it can act almost as a currency.

The spread of digital information and news is big business. There are so many platforms to tap into that virtually any film will be seen, shared and liked regardless of its qualities.

However – if you just get it right, a well produced film about any company, any project, any service or simply about interesting people and places, can take on a life of its own and reach an unlimited number of people from anywhere in the world.

And the adoption of ‘mixed media’ within a website (film, audio, images etc) is something that Google and its contemporaries are really into – so a website will undoubtedly benefit from the inclusion of film by becoming that bit easier to find via the search engines.

Of course – a film doesn’t have to be as artfully crafted as Shaun’s endeavours to succeed, but why shouldn’t it? Why settle for the same old corporate footage peddled by many in this business, when you could have something special?

There’s a film maker out there for every occasion and budget, and we work with lots of the genuinely capable ones. So if your business needs bringing to life via some movie magic – Agent Public Relations can help.