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A dog’s tale on social media
Posted on Monday, November 22, 2021

A dog’s tale on social media

Let’s face it, people either love or hate social media.

The intrusion and effect it can have on some people’s lives is horrendous, while others feed and thrive from the information that it churns out minute by minute, day after day.

A short doggy tale restored my faith in social media and people.

In June this year, through a fellow dog-owner friend Tracey, on social media, I heard about a Bedlington Whippet called Eva, that had received terrible injuries after being hit by a car in Tonypandy in South Wales.

Eva had a severely broken leg and dislocated hips. The vets’ bill was estimated at around £5,000 and her elderly owner Neville, who lives for his dogs, was absolutely devastated. Neville, who was hospitalised at the time was willing to sell his car to pay for her recovery.

It was touch and go whether she would survive. But survive and thrive she did, thanks to the power of social media and the internet, kind hearted canine friends got together to help out.

Through members of Facebook’s Bedlington Whippet Appreciation Group, local friends of well-respected Neville, and the support of Bedlington Terrier charity Mila’s Fund, an incredible £4,255 was raised through 321 donations from across the country for her veterinary treatment. Mila’s Fund also helped pay for her second round of surgery after the first failed to work.

The online community came together for good. There were so many amazing people out there who contributed to her Gofundme page and also continue to keep an eye on her amazing progress to date through her own Facebook page with 253 members. Look her up….Little Eva’s Recovery Progress Tonypandy.

She has made an impressive recovery, helped in no part by her incredible superhero foster parents Bev and Robyn, who have nurtured and loved her and watched her improve every day. She’s had her final vet’s check and it’s all good news. She has a slight limp which may last long term but she’s survived and is being spoilt rotten.

She is now chasing after squirrels in the park, hogging the fire, relaxing under her blanket, enjoying lots of cuddles and sharing supper with her doggy foster sister.

Happy ending to a potentially tragic tale via online help.