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Happy Birthday Agent Public Relations...!
Posted on Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Agent Public Relations...!

12 months ago, we set out to build and run Agent Public Relations and so it’s time to reflect on what the year has meant to us.

Conversely, although the days fly by as we deliver various PR services for our clients, the point where actually we started the company seems a long time ago.

And that initial launch required an intense amount of work, as all business launches do.  We worked weekends, built contacts lists, made thousands of phone calls to announce ourselves to the wider world and renewed contact with journalists from every corner and business sector.

We have been on a stratospheric learning curve to understand the intricacies of dealing with HMRC and the best way to maximise our options as a limited company.

And we have continued looking at and learning about the best ways of working with a rapidly transforming media - one of the key reasons we wanted to run a modern, forward facing public relations consultancy for south Yorkshire and Sheffield.

The work levels haven’t diminished, although working weekends is sporadic, rather than perpetual… And the transformation from fledgling agency to one which manages upwards of eight renowned clients continues to be incredibly rewarding.

And none of it would be possible without clients who are a joy to work with and journalists who continue to break new ground and always understand a good news story.

So, one year in and we are excited about Agent Public Relations’ next 12 months, three years, ten years….